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Top 10 Things To Do When You Visit Gibraltar and the Region

As 2012 closes to an end, many may believe that the Mayans were right after all in predicting the end of the world.  We don’t, we believe that 2013 will bring an end to the economic downturn or at least the beginning of a positive and prosperous year.  Blands Travel have some new products which can be seen as enhancement to experiencing Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco.  Not only do we cater for the original Rock Tours and our other excursions, this New Year call on the Blands Travel team to organise that special experience which will certainly make you think of our proximity when it comes to adventure or leisure.  This region has too much to offer for people to travel to far places in the world to experience the same this region already is enriched with.

Just as a taster, we can organise kite surfing in Tarifa to paint balling in Sotogrande, doom buggies to horse-riding gazing at the panoramic backdrop of Gibraltar.  Camel riding to cooking your own Moroccan cuisine in Fez, Morocco.  The possibilities are endless; my favourite has to be spending the night in your own self equipped tents which really are comfortable in the middle of the Saharan Dessert, have you ever thought of that?

I am to blame for not having written sooner… the Weekly Traveller really needs to pull up his socks when it comes to blogging, well enough about that… have a look at my top 10 travel adventures we would like to organise for you guys in the new year, but what the heck let’s start by least exciting to the most anticipated experience:

10.          Mountain Biking      
Sometimes there are just certain Routes you have to take! Why not enjoy the pleasure of bike riding and unrivalled routes… although at number 10, this certainly is an experience as you pace yourself through some routes which you wouldn't call on this region.

9.            Gibraltar’s World War II Tunnel networks. 

A must do while you are in Gibraltar, if you reside in Gib, then come and visit this magnificent network of tunnels and gather a taste of our historic heritage, the tunnels allow you the ability to experience a taste of life for the soldiers of this ‘garrison in the dark'.

8.            Quads in Tarifa. 

At number 8…… an experience to be lived with a group of friends. Having various organised quad routes we are looking to thrill you whilst you enjoy the journey around the Natural Park of the Straights. Driving through tunnels, over the high dunes and across beaches, rivers and bridges, all this while climbing and descending exhilarating heights.

7.            Horse Riding

 Ever wanted to live an unforgettable rising experience, ride a horse through the beaches and dunes of the region, whilst you gaze at Gibraltar’s fantastic backdrop.

6.            Wreck diving    

Gibraltar's has over 30 wrecks to explore; Gibraltar's diving gives another dimension to the adventurer.  Europa Reef is a well-known point for divers and offers the more adventurous underwater explorer the chance to find caves, drop offs and to see actual anchors of Phoenician and Roman ships that still remain on the sea bed. 

5.            Windsurfing
We can organise wind surfing trips for you and your group. Imagine the wind acting as your motor and the sea as your destination, come and experience how the locals get away from the hustle and bustle.  With so much wind and such a beautiful setting windsurfing is an incredibly exciting activity.

4.            Hot Air Ballooning 
Enjoy the beauty of Marrakesh from above by taking a ride on our hot air balloon flight from La Palmeraie in the north-east corner of the city. As you fly over villages you will have superb panoramic views across the palm grove against the backdrop of the breath-taking Atlas Mountains.  This has to go in an number 4 simply because the top three are simply superb.  However, I would advise doing this next time you travel to Morocco.

3.            Camel Treks in the Sahara

Visiting the Sahara Dessert is a once in a lifetime experience. Envisage riding a camel through the Sahara with nothing around you and no sound apart from the footsteps of the camel on the soft sand. The sky is clear in the day and packed with millions of bright stars at night and a truly peaceful experience, rarely known to most of the busy western world.

2.            Sahara Desert Adventures     
Travel through the Sahara like you get to see in films. Get a group together for this as the bedroom tents fits up to three single beds or one large king size bed with the comfort of a hotel room. Each of the tents is linked to each other by smaller compartments which hold facilities such as hot shower, WC and a sink. The restaurant tent has four tables and the whole camp is covered by colourful Berber carpets and cushions.

1.            Skydiving

If you have ever dreamed of such a thing... why not try it.... After all you only live once... you will feel so upbeat you will want to dive again. We respect that you may want to start small... therefore why not try a tandem jump, where without an extensive prior training, you will live an exciting experience, connected to a highly qualified instructor.  I have placed Skydiving as the Weekly Traveller’s Number 1 Experience because we feel it is the most anticipated and adventurous really putting you off your comfort zone!

So there we go… Blands Travel’s top 10 experiences that can be lived in Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco… if you one day decide to actually experience one of our activities do let us know, we are always a phone call or a Facebook post away.

Happy Travelling Everyone

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