Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Christmas time… 48 days Left

There may well be 48 days left for Christmas and the Christmas lights have not yet been placed.  However, this is no valid reason For Blands Travel to not start promoting our Christmas products.  This year is different… we are feeling that spirit tingling around the atmosphere.. We have not yet played those Christmas carols in the office but we have certainly been hours on the pin board trying to see where we can take our clients this festive season.

If you enjoy the magic of Christmas markets and especially the smell of those charcoaled sausages slowly cooked on German style barbecues… then join us.  Last year the team travelled up to Granada to visit the Christmas market there, may I say the pictures and tales are impressive.  Obviously the markets are not the proper Christmas markets you will see in Dusseldorf, Germany.  However, Spain’s Christmas markets are a must see, it really gets you excited for Christmas.

Christmas Shopping Trips

Christmas, as you will know delivers plenty of presents; the other side to this is empty wallets.  If you still haven’t bought your Christmas presents this year, Blands Travel will take you to two major shopping centres in the peninsula, Area Sur in Jerez and Larios shopping centre .  If you fancy arranging a trip with friends or colleagues to shop till you drop, then just let us know.  We will take you there and back in one piece but with plenty of shopping bags.

Trip to Umbrete

This trip to Umbrete in Seville has been designed so that you can gather a group of friends or even colleagues and get on a bus get your quality Spanish ham, eat well, drink and get back on the bus.  Jamones Pichilin offers the greatest cuts of ham, I personally buy my “pata negra” from them for the last three years and I must say that I still haven’t tried one better.  On the trip you will also have the chance to have lunch at El Rufino… popular with Gibraltarians who travel upto Portugal  this restaurant offers the best Huevos revueltos ( egg, chips and ham diced to make it the best flavour to tackle your taste buds).


Who doesn't like Polvorones in the Christmas season, if it’s not your nan it’s your mother who lays them on the Christmas table, you can’t just resist one!  Well come and join us on our tour to Antequera, you will be able to tour the actual factories of la Perla, In time for buying a bunch and then having some well-deserved lunch.  This trip is to be enjoyed by all, I must say I really enjoyed planning this day out as I always had the local community in mind as I know how much they love their polvorones come this time of year.
Just comment on the blog or let us know through our facebook page whether you would like to join us on any of our trips this Christmas.

Keep posted for our next blog on Hints and tips when travelling to Gibraltar!

Happy Travelling

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