Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Essence of Morocco... A Taste at the Rock Hotel's Khaima Marquee

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you first read this title? Well, I will eagerly blog to you how exactly “The Essence of Morocco” was lived throughout a week at the Rock Hotel’s Khaima.  

From the initial moment I stepped into the Marquee I knew this was going to be an unforgettable experience.  Was I wrong? Not at all, the aroma of the exotic  spices, the soft texture of the marquees fabric and the friendly Dadas (expert Moroccan chefs) all created a first time experience in Gibraltar.

The event was organised by The Rock Hotel in association with La Maison Arabe, an hotel-riad in Marrakesh, Morocco.  I had the chance of actually enjoying the different types of staged opportunities at the Khaima,  experiencing the cookery courses was one of the highlights which was enjoyed by the many attendees.  My overall comment on this is “exquisite”, the organisation, friendliness and final outcome was just superb. I would like to extend my gratitude as well as congratulating La Maison Arabe on their superb cooking courses.

Another experience which really brought the feel of Morocco into the Khaima was organised on the final evening.  A traditional Moroccan wines and tapas event hosted by the Rock Hotel in conjunction with Les Celliers de Meknes and Domaine des Ouled Thaleb, both reputable wine companies in Morocco … this truly remarkable event is worth commenting as the night gathered a feel of what the Vineyards in Morocco are currently producing.  The finest wines which originate from the slopes of the Atlas Mountain were tasted by the attendees on the night.

The evenings offered a different dining experience.  A taste of Morocco at the Rock offered the chance for all guests to try out the poolside buffet dinners with menus chosen or influenced by the renowned chefs (dada’s), dishes which certainly got my taste buds going as the intense and rich flavours were simply wonderful. 

Final statement

The Moroccan week was an all-round success and will certainly set a precedent in Gibraltar’s gastronomy, we have become accustomed to the Spanish side of gastronomy which is vivid and delightful, however, Moroccan dining has not yet been fully established in Gibraltar. The future is optimistic for Moroccan dining because I believe that after this superb event, a general interest from the local public and visitors to Gibraltar has been generated… I simply cannot wait for next year.

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