Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Why would someone visit Gibraltar? The question answered

Last week I travelled to Malaga for a convention forum.  I will let you know all about it in my next entry.  Well, whilst in Malaga I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people who had direct links with the United Kingdom’s tourism industry, what kind of grasped my attention was the fact that I was asked in several occasions what there was in Gibraltar?

My initial reaction was calm and persuasive, Gibraltar has something for everyone! Blurted out in a sheer responsive manner.  I then realised that my answer to the question was short and simple.  Should it have been?…. I quickly realised that a more structural answer should have been given to someone who indeed might be interested in travelling to Gibraltar.  My reaction was to quickly gather their attention, I asked them if they could be so kind as to ask their initial question again… their response was positive and a huge sigh of relief… they stated that they were indeed intrigued by my initial answer…. They wanted to know more about Gibraltar… so there I went…. I told them about our history and our vast range of activities.

On my way back to Gibraltar, in my vehicle without the aid of my music system available.. my only thoughts were on why would visitors come to Gibraltar for their holiday destination.  The answer is quite simple when you think about all the different kinds of amenities and activities in Gibraltar. We are privileged of over 300 days of sunny days along with its beaches and its proximity to another continent as is Morocco… it really is the gateway to the Mediterranean… The shopping experience must also be highlighted, nevertheless, Gibraltar offers much more than it has been noted for before… let Blands Travel offer you all the different options whilst you visit a lustrous destination which does essentially offer something for everyone.

As for the weekly traveller, keep us posted of all your travel arrangements, as we are certain that we can offer you a chance of seeing a different side to Gibraltar!

Happy Travelling

The Weekly Traveller

Photo by Darrell King.


  1. It has been too long since the last entry, could you please be more prompt with you're next one as I cant wait that long!

    I LOve it!

    Also could you do one on Mr.Bond's Slope?

  2. Dear Mr Peters,

    It is great to hear that you enjoy our blog's so much! We are looking into getting these out more often as the weeks go by.

    Please watch out for our new post tomorrow!
    If there are any topics in particular, like the one you mention above, in future that you wish us to cover let us know.

    Thanks again,

    The Weekly Traveller!