Friday, 7 September 2012

Gibraltar National Day

It is that time of the year again; Gibraltarians will soon be dressing up in red and white.  Gibraltar’s National Day is celebrated annually on the 10th September since 1992. The day commemorates Gibraltar's first sovereignty referendum of 1967. 

This blog entry discovers why this emblematic day has become a highlight in the calendar.  Although the main feature of the day has to be the release of 30,000 red and white balloons which in essence resembles each Gibraltarian citizen, the day is also remembered because of the community and its ability to come together as one.  The vast amount of visitors who travel to Gibraltar on National day are astonished to see everyone in their national colours.  In the past I have personally seen some visitors actually dressed up for the occasion… the day does symbolise Gibraltarian people, however locals are more than happy when visitors join in the scheduled activities.

If someone decides to visit Gibraltar on National day the weekly traveller can guarantee that they will have a fantastic day, from the early hours of the morning until the close of day the different activities and events held throughout the Rock are immense.  As you make you your way to Casemates Square be ready to meet the swarm of locals in red and white, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and music then expect the eagerly awaited release of the balloons.  After the morning has elapsed, you will notice that all restaurants and bars will start filling up with hungry locals. Make your way to restaurants who will be offering National Day menus…after your tasteful lunch why not wander through town and see what events are being held adequate for you… it may just be that there is some Karaoke fun awaiting….The evening’s highlight is the firework display which marks the end of an eventful day.

Please let us know about your National Day experience, send in memorable photos of the day and get the chance to have your photo on our Facebook page.

Happy Travelling

The Weekly Traveller

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