Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The internet is the future… I don’t think so!

This week was different my fellow bloggers… I was assigned to travel… not the world but the World Wide Web.  May I say that this is even bigger than the world itself… the future is now and that is exactly what Blands Travel has been doing. Blands Travel’s new online platform is simply outstanding, the site is full of interesting features and boasts of having a complete guide and information any visitor to a destination would love to have at their reach.

The website goes beyond the norm, no longer are websites being used to inform clients and simply book your transfer or excursion.  Blands Travel has introduced a new concept in Gibraltar, the use of the “Be Inspired” tool, this fantastic setting allows any client interested in visiting Gibraltar the chance to be enlightened with the many products in line.  Anyone who is interested in visiting but has no idea of what to do in Gibraltar… this really is the tourism bible of Gibraltar, it offers absolutely anything which suits any type of visitor.  The website’s main aim is to enhance the visitors experience once in Gibraltar. 

The website has been created in a user friendly way which can target every type of customer according to their preference.  Lists of gastronomical, nature, adventure, educational and at sea experiences are presented within the Experiences sections.  The story does not end there, not only will our clients be presented with the top tours and excursions in Gibraltar, they will also have the chance of viewing our Spanish and Moroccan products.  By a click of a button, your booking with us will be confirmed.  There is no need to book whilst in Gibraltar, if you for well know you are visiting this fantastic destination why wait?

One other point which is worth mentioning is the fact that the website also acts as a form of directory and event driven handbook.  The site will be updated so that you can view all current and future events in Gibraltar, we will also inform you of any changes in our travel guide.

Do visit our website (www.blandstravel.com) in the following days as we are planning to launch our fantastic website which really does please everyone who intends to visit Gibraltar within the next year. If you need more information with regards to the website please contact the Weekly Traveller comment section.

Watch out for next week’s blog…  I will be writing about a specific location in Gibraltar… I was enquired about this a few weeks back J

Happy Travelling

The Weekly Traveller

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