Friday, 29 November 2013

Team Building in Gibraltar, Spain & Morocco

Is team building part of your working philosophy?


More companies throughout the world are now concentrating on team building activities as part of certain initiatives which help focus employees and thus help achieving working goals and objectives.  Blands Mice Challenges is a new initiative which focuses on companies and their team members.  The main aim of this new initiative is to challenge and in turn create a team building activity which can be carried out across Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco.  Mice challenges varies from adventurous team building to a cooking competition.  All aspects of our programme are detailed to your company, if you require an activity for a small group or a weekend activity in Morocco for your whole company we can provide this to the highest standard.


Some ideas include


Adventure trek up Mediterranean steps challenging your way up to the top of the Rock.  The second part of the challenge involves getting the Cable car top station and grabbing the first Cable car to the bottom.  The first to finish will have accomplished going up by foot and down by cable challenge.  The challenge is ideal to segment employees from different departments resulting in cohesion and in the end acting as the perfect team building outing.


The Gibraltar Crystal challenge is also a favourite as it involves two teams creating crystal for their workplace.  Imagine having glass created by your own employees displayed in the company’s boardroom.  A challenge which can be complimented with a lunch or dinner at a neighbouring restaurant.


Are men better cooks than their female counterparts?  Our cooking courses at the Khaima marquee Rock Hotel offers a group the chance to compete male v female in a challenge which is judged by senior management and the hotels own head chef.  Learn of the many secrets behind Moroccan dining a signature gastronomy at the Rock Hotel.


I only have few characters remaining hence the three ideas written above.  If you would like more information on experiences and challenges please let us know as we at Blands Mice would be more than happy to arrange any type of experience whether its small or large, there are endless possibilities.


Live an Experience with us.


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