Friday, 10 January 2014

Visit us in 2014 - Your Summer experience in Gibraltar

Are you looking forward to the warmer months where you can already feel your skin bronzing with the summer rays? Do not complicate yourself in 2014 and simply look no further than the Iberian Peninsula.  Gibraltar and southern Spain offer a wide variety of options which appeals to all different types of clients, be it the beach enthusiast or the tapas lover.  With a number of possible airline connections from the UK including Heathrow, Manchester and Gatwick.  Gibraltar is the ideal Mediterranean destination which offers much more than you would actually imagine.


Lying at the entrance to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar is the ideal summer destination.  Although the Barbary macaques are Gibraltar’s emblem, there really is more to what has been shown on television recently.  From brisk walks through Alameda Botanical gardens to enjoying an evening dinner at Catalan Bay, there really are endless possibilities which you can combine whilst in Gibraltar.


A typical summer day surrounded by locals living the Gibraltarian ambience would be to have breakfast at Casemates Square whilst enjoying the buzz of people walking through to Main street and the local fish market.  Soon after, enjoy Gibraltar’s VAT free prices at local Main Street shops followed by a wine and tapas tasting which lies adjacent to Main Street at Chatham Counterguard.  In the afternoon relax in any of Gibraltar’s beaches, there are a few to choose from, just jump on any blue bus.  In the evening get back to your hotel, quick shower and jump back straight to Casemates or Ocean Village in the evening where you are sure to live a wonderful summer experience at the hands of the Gibraltarian people.


Travel agents will always show the typical resort activities such as the Rock Tours and dolphin trips, which are also a must! However to live the local experience you must venture through the streets and find how the many different cultures unite to create a destination which welcomes anyone and everyone.


Please let us know if you are planning a trip to Gibraltar and I will share ideas as to what you can enjoy whilst on your holiday.


My Tip this week: Make sure to prolong your stay to around 4 days, in which you will be able to enjoy absolutely everything from tours in Morocco to the bodegas in Spain.


Safe Travels


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