Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Relax with Blands Travel in Gibraltar


Life is not all about fun and games, nor about work.  Next time you visit Gibraltar why not pamper yourself to some relaxing free time at the many places Gibraltar has to offer. Although the Rock is small in dimension the many different varieties of comfort and relax we enjoy is immense. Get to know Gibraltar in a totally different way as we go through the top four relaxing activities you can carry out while you are here.


1. Atlantic Suites Gym and Spa – The Spa especially its outdoor pool area is fascinating for the warmer months as its located within the gardens of the Atlantic Suites complex.  Gazing through the bay of Gibraltar, the pool is certainly a place to be at.  The sun beds and sauna make it that extra special. 


2. Stroll through the Alameda Gardens – Stroll through these beautiful gardens as you hear the birds in the surrounding vicinity whistling away.  Stunning flora and fauna make the gardens a must see when you visit Gibraltar.  This hidden secret is a perfect getaway from the bustling town centre, be it to read or just catch some rays of the sun, the Alameda Gardens is a lovely escape from it all.


3. Tea and Scones – If you love your morning tea joint with fantastic scenery backdrop, why not visit the Rock Hotel one morning.  There English tea and scones make a perfect supplement to your morning.  Sit down in the terrace whilst you simply gaze at the bay of Gibraltar.  One fine secret to this is to visit the hotel at dusk when twilight is set to creep in… simply wonderful.


4. Lunch at the Caleta – The Caleta hotel is located on the other side of Gibraltar, a place of tranquillity where you will be able to enjoy some wonderful Italian lunch at the hotel’s restaurant, followed by a nice stroll through the Catalan Bay beach, here you will find some Gelateria’s which will certainly accompany you perfectly as you visit this picturesque village.


If you wish to find out more of Gibraltar’s relaxing hidden gems please let us know and we will tell you our little Spring secrets.


Happy Travelling


The Weekly Traveller

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