Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Gibraltar - Britain in the Sun

Over the last few weeks major Television network Channel 5 has aired a real life story documentary about Gibraltar.  The series focused on Gibraltar’s tourism industry and how our united community make this destination a paradise to many.  Our team at Blands Travel are extremely interested in receiving your comments on the series and for this same reason I have decided to write this post and write about the added features that you may have not seen on the documentary.


Gibraltar offers much more than what was shown on the programme, special emphasis was given on the world renowned Barbary Macaques, the VAT products and the nice weather.  I have prepared four different activities that can be carried out in Gibraltar.  The programme has certainly been positive to Gibraltar and its actual Destination image, however, I would like to highlight that other features make this holiday destination  more appealing.


1.       Gibraltar’s Most Original Rock Tour


Investment in Gibraltar’s historical tourist sites mean that the Rock tour is a must when visiting Gibraltar.  Join us and jump aboard our buses to live an experience which captures history and our renowned apes which have long been an iconic feature to Gibraltar.  Sites such as St Michaels cave with its fantastic auditorium, is an emblem feature as you gaze at the fantastic stalactites which display this wonderful cave.  Visit Apes Den, see the Barbary macaques in their natural habitat, they roam the den freely and you will be able to see them up-close.


2.       Gibraltar’s Own Glass Factory


Have you ever wondered how glass is made? Have you only seen this on the Discovery Channel? Well if you come to Gibraltar, visiting the Glass Factory is a must. A short tour of glass making captures the essence of glass making.  The glass factory houses their own production team and you can easily become involved with the team as you may even try and make your own wine glass.  The Factory is located in Casemates Square just beside the Tourist Information Office.


3.       Alameda Botanical Tour


If nature is of interest… join us on a botanical tour of Gibraltar’s Alameda Botanical Gardens.  These gardens feature a wide array of flora and fauna which is truly fantastic.  Recent renovations of the gardens have enlightened the many different features on display, this can be complimented by a tour of the Wildlife Park which houses many different animals.


4.       A Wine and Tapas evening


Many different places in Gibraltar offer the opportunity of wine tasting followed by tapas, on a warm evening in September, the Wine festival is held at Chatham Counterguard.  If you are a wine enthusiast and enjoy tapas this festival is fantastic.  Along with the festival, the Rock Hotel offers a similar evening at the Khaima Marquee, a wonderful Moroccan Marquee set up in the hotels gardens.  


There are many other features that make Gibraltar a truly wonderful destination to visit.  If you are planning on visiting Gibraltar in 2014, let us know and we can prepare an itinerary for your visit.


Happy Travelling.


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